Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey folks! Sorry for the gap in posts...I have been away at the spa. Ok, not really a "Spa". Zoe and I were sent to a kennel!! My girl had to go out of town for the weekend so we were unceremoniously spirited away to the kennel for 3 days. Actually it was not that bad, but I try to make my girl feel guilty for sending us there (extra treats!). We had a lot of attention and there were 5 other dogs there that we go to play with! There was one wise older Labrador there with whom I chatted for hours and hours. Zoe was quite upset the entire weekend and needed a lot of comforting and reassuring...which of course I gave to her. Poor thing, she is just too young to understand these things.

I have attached a picture of Zoe and I after returning home from the Kennel. We were so exhausted we slept for almost an entire day. Now we are back to normal, the whole weekend behind us. My girl said that this weekend she is going to take us to a local "dog park". I am not sure what it is, but I wonder if it has rides...

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Bogart said...

Hi Annebelle!

You're a pretty girl, just saw your new blog on DWB. Welcome to the wild, wooly world of dog blogging!