Monday, June 25, 2007

A Study in Zoe's Destruction

This is a Stuffie;

This is a Stuffie on Zoe. Any questions?

This is a running shoe;

This is a running shoe on Zoe. Any questions?
Actually, the ratty shoe above is used by Zoe to exercise her jaw. She is a terrier and they have powerful jaws that just crave chewing on hard things. So she does not get in trouble chewing on it...besides it keeps her from chewing my girl's real running shoes. But the stuffie, I just don't get it! We have the perfectly new one that is pretty, clean, has all of its limbs and accoutrements and it squeaks! But Zoe won't touch it! She carries that silly, smelly shell of a bear with her everywhere she goes. She even sleeps with it! Yuck!!!
Have a great day every doggie!
Lickingly yours,


Frasypoo said...

Oh Man ! You can work through stuff,can' t you ?

ToFFee said...

wowf! now that's what I call a destructive mean machine!

My personal insights on the "old, smelly bear" thing is maybe it's like "security blanket" which you'll never part with it.. so it's now a "security bear" (that didn't sound right..)


Ruby Bleu said...

Wow...I would want to get in Zoe's way!!! She certainly knows how to chew things up!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Asta said...

Obviously Zoe is vewy faithful to her stuffies..that's an admiwable quality.
Annebelle, I'm not sure my patented hypnotise the food to fly into your mouf, would work on squirrels...I think they have to stay vewy still for it to work, heheheh
Smoochie kisses

BLU and Comet said...

Wow, that's some fancy work on the shoe. I love to chew shoes but my girl won't let me near them anymore.


Wow Zoe sure does a good job of chewing!
PS I love your thick white coat. Could you maybe have some Miniature American Eskimo in you??Come visit our blog.

wally said...

Smelly stuff is great! I'm a big proponent of dirty laundry, myself. Perfect for making beds.


nm said... would not be very happy with her shoes if they looked like that.

Zoey is a very aggressive chewer.



Asta said...

Hi Annebelle,
I wasn't in NY yet last October, but it sure was nice in NC, and my Mommi says October is her vewy favowite momf.
Stay cool Annebelle,
smoochie kisses