Sunday, June 24, 2007

Whew! I have taken back the blog. Pay no attention to the cat, he is just a bitter old feline upset because girl likes me best. He is so high and mighty! He is so disrespectful to girl: he doesn't even come when she calls him! What a jerk!

Anyway, on Asta's blog I saw these questions to let you get to know HER better. SHE said I could borrow them to do the same here. So, here goes!

1. Your age? Being a rescued dog, I don’t really know. The Doggie Doctor thinks I am between 7 and 10 yrs. (But I feel not a day over 4!)

2. Your age when came to live with your people? 5 years ago next November

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? My girl JUST brought home new collars for Zoë & Me. They are brown and green paisley (see picture above). Quite Laura Ashley.

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? My girl’s friend Jim.

5. How much do you weigh? A Scant 50 lbs. I need to lose another 5lbs.

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? I don’t chew things other than food! Now, Zoë on the other hand…!!!

7. Do you like other Dogs? I do like other dogs. I love to run and play and chase. I like them even better if they join me in my crusade to rid the world of evil squirrels.

8. Who is your best non-human friend? That would have to be Zoë. (Awwwww!)

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? Squeaky Toys. I love to throw them up in the air.

10. Do you like to be brushed? Have you seen my coat? It requires a lot of maintenance from my girl. But she is the only one that I like to brush me.

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? Peanut Butter!!

12. Do your people cut your toenails? Ha! I would like to see them try!

13. Any formal education? I have not had any formal training since living with my girl, but back then I had been pretty messed up psychologically. My girl was patient and worked with me everyday to help me blossom into the lovely dog I am today.

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? I guess I am bi-polar because one could easily call me both!

15. Five nicknames your people call you. Sweetie, Annie-Bellie, The Fluffy One,

16. What is your best trick? I will howl for my food (between you and me that is not really a trick. My Girl thinks that it is, but frankly, I just want my food!). I will also sit and shake.

17. Do you like kitties? Sure, with some fava beans and a little Chianti!

18. What did you have for breakfast? Beef tips and kibble…and that last slice of bacon I swiped when nobody was looking.

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? I hunt squirrel. The fact that I have yet to kill one is a minor technicality!

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? 2 months ago for my shots…OW!

21. Where do you sleep at night? At the foot of the stairs leading up to my girl’s bedroom.

22. Do you like to swim? No, too much hair maintenance at stake.

23. Can you make puppies? I used to. I had 2 puppies with me and was taking care of them when we were rescued by Fuzzy Friends in Texas. But now I cannot have puppies anymore. I take care of Zoë instead.

24. Do you give kisses? Oh yes!!

25. Can you potty on command? A little privacy, please!


Turbo the Sibe said...

I like this question thing. I'm going to post my answers tomorrow! Woooo!

Ruby Bleu said...

Yeah, the wet hair thing would be a bit much to deal with. Me, I don't have that problem!!! Thanks for sharing all those great things about you Annie Bellie hee, hee, hee!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Tealeaf said...

I do think that last question is a serious invasion of privacy and you were right to decline!


Asta said...

Hi Annebelle,
so nice that you answered the questions, chianti? hmm sounds good...I wouldn't want to mess up my hair either, especially if it was as pwetty as yours...ummmn Annebelle, I'm a puppy girl, not a boy, and so is Asta la vista...didn;t you see us being nursies to Jackson(we're both in love with him, as well as a few other gorgeous puppguys)
smoochie kisses

Annebelle said...

My apologies Asta!! I was not paying attention what I was writing (stream of consciousness stuff!) as I knew you were a pretty girl, like me. No disrespect to be sure...I think I was just having a brain-farty kind of day.